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Don'ts and Dos for Men
By Cucan Pemo

If you ever want to attract and keep the woman of your dreams, know the don´ts and dos for men!

1) Don´t talk to her breasts. Too many men, even those who are usually polite and remember to practice most of the points of good manners passed on to them by their moms, occasionally suffer temporary amnesia at the sight of a pair of well formed C-cups. Men should make it a point to avoid looking at the chest of their date altogether. If you know this is difficult for you, remind yourself to focus on her forehead for those times when there is a lull in the conversation and your eyes are most likely to wander. Women are not only embarrassed by men staring at their breasts but they find it unacceptably rude. They quickly place such men in the ‘pervert´ folder in the file cabinet of their memory.

2) Don´t overdo the sports watching. Men are more likely to be sports fans than are women. Women know this. But if you can not even take the time in the beginning of a relationship to focus more on her than you do on the NBA finals, it does not bode well for a possible future between the two of you – in her eyes. Make use of your VCR or TiVo or whatever other gadget you have for recording television shows. Whatever you do, never cancel a date because of a sporting event (you should have known the game would be on when you made the date if you are that much of a sports fanatic). And never use a sporting event as an excuse for planning a Friday night date instead of a Saturday night date. A standard and vague– "I´m busy Saturday but I´d love to get together Friday if you´re available" is good enough. Now, if the woman you are dating is also a sports fanatic – well then you can have your second date at a basketball game and then marry her on the third date.

3) Do whatever you are good at and do it for her Fix her car, cook her dinner, paint a picture of her. But don´t approach this with too much cockiness. Ask her first. Don´t make her feel as if you´re stepping into her life and taking control but do let her know that she can count on you to help out if she gets a flat tire. Women love a handy man.


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