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3 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!
By Cucan Pemo

In this article, I´ll tell you what you ABSOLUTELY MUST know about your woman to attract her, win over her heart, and grow her love for you!

1) What girls really want is romance! If you want this girl, give her what she wants. Some guys would freak out whenever they hear this word ´romance´. You really need not have to crack your brains really hard or spend too much energy and time to know what you are doing is right. Many times, being romantic often means giving her the attention she wants. She just needs to feel that she is your number one woman - the sweetest, sexiest, prettiest, most wonderful woman in your heart. If you can find ways to continuously reinforce her beliefs, not only will you be able to attract her, but you´ll be able to keep her by your side for as long as you want!

Does it cost a lot to be romantic? Not really! What you can do is: ~ Ask her how her day is! ~ Tuck a friendly or love note using different methods and in different ways, telling her she is on your mind. ~ If she has offered her help in any of your projects, send her a note saying "You are the best!" ~ If she has made you some home made chicken soup, find ways to let her know "You are a wonderful person!"

2) Shows her that you care! For examples: ~ Teach her how to write a webpage for her favorite pet. ~ Teach her how to program the VCR. ~ Teach her how to fish. ~ Teach her to cook your secret recipe.

In short, don´t just offer the solutions. Be patient enough to explain and teach her the solutions, even if it´s not easy to teach. Many other people are too impatient to teach or even show her how to do it; most just want to get it over and done with. You can win over her heart if you can be that some one DIFFERENT and SPECIAL.

3) Women love men who seem detached and attached at the same time. You seem to be living in a world of your own, and women admire you for your ability to keep your lives AND have a relationship at the same time. You don´t worry much and seem to keep your feelings inside of you. To become such a ´man´, you have to be complete in your body, mind and soul. You know how to have a divine life and keep a blissful relationship at the same time. All of these can be achieved if you would learn how to increase and cultivate your magnetic power! Thus, to attract and keep the woman of your dreams, do not ´lose´ your-self whilst going into a relationship. This is one of the secrets to retrieving a lost lover!

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about girls - why they think as they do, and why they behave as they do - the more you´ll be successful making your girl happy and satisfied in many, many ways! In addition, the more you value and honor the love a girl has for you, the more she´ll will end up giving you exactly what you want and need!


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